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Has Your Life Been Improved by Pickaway Parks? Park District Wants to Know!


PICKAWAY – New additions through hard work at the Pickaway Parks department have yielded many new additions in the area over the last several years now the District is asking for stories about how this has impacted your life.

The park district has aimed at projects that will appeal to all ages and all athletic abilities. From new kayak access, expansion of walking trails, to a new playground with ziplines. Projects have also been spread all over the county from Scioto Township, Williamsport, to Circleville.

Some of the monies came from a levy that Pickaway voted on to help expand our local parks, but a part of it came from hard work getting Federal grant monies.

Statment from Pickaway parks below:

Has your life been improved by parks and recreation in Pickaway County? If so, we want to hear from you! The Park District is looking for story’s about how parks have impacted your life! The District will be selecting our favorite stories to send on to OPRA (Ohio Parks and Recreation Association) who will be traveling around the state this fall to film videos of some of these stories. This video will then be used at OPRA’s 2022 Conference and by other Park and recreation groups around the state. Deadline to submit is September 1st. To submit your story please use the link below or visit our website.

Link to Submit Story : https://forms.gle/iA7324tK83vpeoUx9

Below are some of the stories we have done over the last few years on what the department has done for the District.