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Four Pickaway County entrepreneurs founded The Scioto Post in July of 2017. Our goal is to highlight the positive things in our community and to bring attention to the progress and achievement occurring in the County.

With our internet marketing background, we believe that we can fund the project by helping local companies reach their customers through our platform.

Our Founders

Ben Schlichter is Vice President of Operations and our acting editor. At one time, he ran one of the largest bit coin mining operations in the world. He also started a marketing & sales company called FADE, established the Pickaway County Craft Mall, and manages 50/50 Liquidation.

Jeremy Newman is Vice President of Content and acting Senior Reporter. Newman has experience negotiating high-profile union contracts. More recently, he started an internet business called Not so Board Games. He refurbishes legacy board games and gaming systems (Atari/Nintendo), and sells them on the internet.

Brandon Schlichter was our first investor. Brandon started and runs Mid Ohio Rentals, a company that purchases, rehabs, and manages 71 rental properties in Pickaway and Ross county.

You can reach us through email at [email protected], by phone @ (740) 571-1606, or through Facebook at