CIRCLEVILLE – A Few miles out on Walnut Creek Pike, there is an area that some people would call a slice of heaven. The Vickers family plants thousands of sunflowers along the entire quarter-mile driveway. Sciotopost captured this bloom around the month of September of last year.

“I planted them for the beauty and for the wildlife, I see birds like finches and doves in them all the time.” said, Wayne Vickers.

Finches love sunflower seeds and the leaves. Bees also help pollinate the sunflower plants and make honey from the pollen. “It also helps the Honey Bees to survive and help pollinate other plants.” Many species of Bees will visit sunflowers, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are known to be effective pollinators of sunflowers, said Vickers.

Vickers also said that this year (2017) was a special year because he had a grandbaby born and they took baby pictures with the sunflowers. “We have had many people take graduation pictures and wedding pictures with the sunflowers in the backdrop.”

We asked Wayne asked what are the future plans for them? Vickers replied, “I am not sure how I will plant in the future, I used to plant both sides which is even more stark and beautiful. We originally planted it for my daughter’s wedding reception. When you drive up the driveway and both sides are blooming, it is spectacular. “We do worry when people drive up the driveway and turn around, we have our dogs out and they like to chase cars so we ask that people take pictures and look from the road and not come up the driveway.”




  1. Awesome and beautiful! Thanks for making our little part of the world a whole lot prettier!

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