Off Walnut Creek Pike heading out into the country, there is an area that some people would call a slice of heaven. The Vickers family plants thousands of sunflowers along the entire quarter-mile driveway.

“I planted them for beauty and for the wildlife, the Finch and Doves are playing in them at times.” said, Wayne Vickers. “Finches actually love sunflower leaves not just the seeds just a fun fact to add in there.”

Vickers also said, “It also helps the Honey Bees to survive and help pollinate other plants.” Many species of Bees will visit sunflowers, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are known to be effective pollinators of sunflowers.

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Wayne also said that this year was a special year because he had a grand baby born and they took pictures with them.

We asked Wayne asked what are the future plans for them? Vickers replied, “I am not sure how I will plant in the future, as I used to plant both sides which is even more stark and beautiful. We did plant it for my daughter’s wedding reception. You had to drive through both sides blooming and it was spectacular. It takes time and also people come back to the house and [are] afraid they will hit the dogs which is not a good thing.” Make sure to please look from afar and to not cause the Vickers family any stress. We hope he will continue to plant and Pickaway county can enjoy a field full of sunflowers for us and Nature to enjoy.




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