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Who Did Pickaway County Vote for in the Election?

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When the dust settled from the 2016 election, many were shocked at the results. Many know the results for the state and who they voted for, but what about Pickaway County?


November 8th, 2017

On November 8th, the date of the General Election, Pickaway County as a whole, voted for Donald Trump by a whopping percentage of 68% to to 26%, or about 10,500 votes.

Townships of Note

Walnut-West and its precinct holds the distinction in that it favored Donald Trump more than any other precinct in Pickaway county. They voted for him by a margin of 76% to 19% among the major contenders.

Circleville 3-B’s precinct, despite not offering a majority, favored Hillary Clinton more than any other precinct in Pickaway County. They voted for Hillary by a margin of 40% to 55%.

For third party candidates, Circleville 4-B voted for the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson in 6.3% of the voting, more than four times that of Harrison Township. Jill Stein, the green party candidate saw her strongest performance in Ashville-West with 1.9% of votes. Circleville-Northwest holds the distinction of being the only precinct that did not cast a vote for her of the 42 in Pickaway County.
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Among Democrat results, Pickaway County nearly mirrored the state at large, nominating Hillary Clinton by a margin of 55% to 44%. Scioto-Northeast was the strongest-performing precinct for the statewide winner.

For Bernie Sanders, his strongest precinct was Ashville-North with 63% of the votes. Overall, Mr. Sanders won 11 of the 42 precincts in the county.


For Republicans, by the time the election was held, it was a 3-way race between Kaisch, Cruz, and Trump. Similarly to Democrats, Kaisch held similar numbers in Pickaway County as the state did, and won Ohio’s nomination.

Circleville 1-A was Kaisch’s best precinct in the county, giving him 57% of the vote between all candidates.

For Donald Trump, Perry/New Holland won a tight race among other precincts for giving him a plurality of votes at 43%.

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Although Ted Cruz eventually went on to be the only contender to Trump in the nationwide nomination, he failed to win a plurality in any precinct in Pickaway County. However, his best finish was in Darby Clarks Lake with 26% of the vote.


Overall, Pickaway County showed an interesting dichotomy of primaries and the general election, with the primaries closely following Ohio at large, and the nationwide election being somewhat dissimilar in results.

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