Home News Stormy Daniels Settles Lawsuit With Columbus for 450,000 Dollars

Stormy Daniels Settles Lawsuit With Columbus for 450,000 Dollars

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COLUMBUS – Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at that Sirens Gentlemen’s Club on the East side of Columbus in 2018. She made national headlines when she fought back against the police and called the arrest calling it politically motivated against her, because of a allegation against President Donald Trump of a affair. The arrests made by VICE unit officers took place at Sirens Gentleman’s Club in July 2018.

The original arrest was because police accused her and two other performers at the club of violating the states Community Defense act that prevents dancers and patrons of making contact.

Police later dropped charges against Daniels and two other women who were arrested that same night. Police dropped the charges because they couldn’t be defined as “patrons” in a undercover operation.

The five officers from the now disbanded Vice Section who are being departmentally charged this week include a commander, a lieutenant, a sergeant, and two of the arresting officers. Chief Tom Quinlan made this decision because these officers violated the Columbus Division of Police rules of conduct.

The range of discipline for these officers can include a reprimand, a suspension, demotion, and/or termination. The Director of Public Safety will make a final decision based on Chief Quinlan’s recommendations following a hearing with each officer unless the discipline is a reprimand. If the discipline is a reprimand then the Chief’s decision is final.


Daniel originally asked in her lawsuit 2 million but settled today for 450,000. She said during interview that she supports police and she thanks Columbus police for changing policies and holding the police officers accountable for their actions in this situation.

“There will be another Stormy Daniels (situation) so hopefully they do right, with great power comes great responsibility.”