Home News President Trump to Visit Dayton Tomorrow, Mayor of Dayton Not Excited

President Trump to Visit Dayton Tomorrow, Mayor of Dayton Not Excited


DAYTON – President Trump will make another trip to Ohio on Wednesday August 7 for a unplanned trip to visit the location where just a few days ago a mass shooting occurred, where 9 people were killed, and 27 were hurt. 

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley says she’s not to excited about the president coming to the area and says, his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community and I think people should stand up and say they are not happy if they’re not happy his coming. He’s made this bed and he’s got to lie in it you know.”

The Mayor said that even though she doesn’t agree with the president at times she will be there to greet him.

“Hes the president of the United States and he has an official capacity as president and I have a official capacity as mayor, so I will greet him here.”

President Trump in a national statement said that, “hate has, no place in America.” The President said that they need to rehash how they handle mental heath, violence in the media, and the volatile discussions that happen on the internet. The president also mentioned violence in video games.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced a series of legislative reforms to address gun violence and outlined further action to increase mental health prevention, identification, and treatment to better protect Ohioans.