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Ohioans Are Working For Themselves Creating Opportunities in Own Business

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OHIO – One thing the 2020 pandemic did was drive people to change the way they worked. With stay-at-home orders in place and most people working from home. Now fast travel to 2021 and new business is outpacing 5-year normals.

2020 saw a significant rise in new business filings with the state of Ohio in new business filings in 2020 totaled 171,073, beating 2019’s previous record of 130,621. Now according to Frank LaRose, 2021 is breaking even those records with 111,435 new businesses have been created in the first six months of 2021, most likely they will overcome last years record for new business.

“While these numbers are certainly impressive, what’s far more important is the outcome that comes from an entrepreneur taking a risk and creating a business. They’re earning a living for their families and contributing to their communities by creating jobs and delivering goods and services,” said LaRose. “They have faced adversity with the same grit and creativity that has always defined Ohio entrepreneurs, following their passion to be a business owner.”

Establishing a new business in Ohio has become increasingly quick and easy through the Ohio Secretary of State’s Ohio Business Central website, OhioBusinessCentral.gov. Ohio’s business-friendly climate and the array of resources available to Ohio entrepreneurs has helped Ohio break new business filing records every month in 2021.