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Attorney General DeWine Unveils Scenario Training Equipment Program for Law Enforcement


COLUMBUS—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today unveiled a new law enforcement training program aimed at bringing customized, low-cost scenario-based training to law enforcement agencies across the state.

Attorney General DeWine announced the launch of the new Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Scenario Training Equipment Program (STEP) during this year’s Ohio Law Enforcement Conference in Columbus.


“Since becoming Attorney General, it has been my goal to bring as much training to the doorsteps of local law enforcement agencies as possible,” said Attorney General DeWine. “This new training program will not only give local training officers the skills to conduct customized scenario-based training in-house, but it will also provide the equipment needed to safely and effectively conduct this critical training.”

STEP is a cost-effective method of bringing scenario-based training, which replicates real-world, high-stress situations, to Ohio law enforcement agencies across the state. Scenario-based training gives officers the opportunity to sharpen their decision making, team work, communications, de-escalation, force-on-force, and first-aid skills in a safe training environment.

Agencies that choose to participate in STEP will receive instructor-level, scenario-based training for their training officers from Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) instructors who will teach the safest and most effective ways to conduct force-on-force training.  Local training officers who complete the instructor-level training are then able to borrow – free of charge – all of the equipment needed to safely bring this training back to their agencies.


Each STEP Kit includes:

  • Training pistols
  • Training rifles
  • Marking cartridges
  • Training Tasers, pepper spray, and batons
  • Role player props
  • Protective gear for students, role players, and instructors

“The cost to purchase all of this equipment can be a burden, especially for smaller departments,” said Attorney General DeWine.  “By taking away that equipment cost, local departments can provide this important training and customize the instruction to teach and enforce their own policies and procedures.”

OPOTA will also deliver the equipment to the local agency and pick it up once training is complete.

A wide range of situations can be addressed in scenario-based training, such as how to safely de-escalate a situation through verbal skills or non-lethal force, and tactics for responding to a hostage situation, active shooter, ambush, or mass casualty incident.

Law enforcement agencies interested in learning more about STEP should email askopota@ohioattorneygeneral.gov.


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