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Pickaway County Attacks Addiction in a Different Way


CIRCLEVILLE – Ohio is one of the leaders in the Opiate addiction epidemic.  U.S. Representative and Governor Candidate Jim Renacci recently said, “When 49 other states are doing it better, all we need to do is look at the models they are using and copy them.”

On Friday September 29, at Ted Lewis Park, a drug-free celebration occurred, the event was co-sponsored by the Circleville Probation Department and Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS). The celebration featured food, games, prizes, and a celebration of maintaining power over addiction. Stories were shared from addicts who are maintaining a drug-free life, expressing how many years sober they wereand what it means to be sober.  They also described the reasons why to maintain a sober lifestyle.

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Judge Dumm said, “I like to see the success stories.  I see so many of the same faces over and over. It’s nice to see that some people are maintaining sober drug free lifestyles.”

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“We get lots of enjoyment out of seeing the people we work with succeed. We want to see people succeed. Circleville and Pickaway county are awesome. So many business owners, Judges, probation officers, and community came out to support this cause. Changes in our legislature will help deal with what has been going on, and we can build on that with annual events like this.  We love working with people and positively supporting them,”  said Jason McGown, chief probation officer at the Circleville Police Department.

For more information on Pickaway Addiction Recovery Services, call 740-477-1745, or contact the Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition online at www.drugfreepickaway.com.