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Working on Thanksgiving? Yes or No?


CIRCLEVILLE -1 in 4 Americans, according to an Allstate/National Journal poll, will be working on either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day.

Some people are needed like, Doctors, Police and fire, lets face it the world doesn’t just shut down because of a holiday, people still need medical services, people still commit crime, and fires still happen, but how do you feel about fast food chains being open for breakfast, or retail stores opening up at on Thanksgiving night to start black Friday sales?

In Circleville thats what is happening, McDonalds is opening on Thanksgiving day from 5 am to 11 am for breakfast only then they will close for the rest of the day.  Walmart in Circleville will open for Thanksgiving deals at 6 pm.

“My wife is a nurse and she regularly works at least one holiday, we just make due and Christmas is sometimes celebrated on a different day, or Thanksgiving with the family is displaced, its the job she took and we deal with it.” 

How do you feel?