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Who Was Arrested in Ross County Yesterday?


ROSS – Who was arrested in Ross County Yesterday 1/06/22. The list of individuals below was arrested and charged with a crime by one of Ross County law enforcement groups. Everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law

BOGGS, BRIAN, 39 2917.11B2 – Disorderly Conduct _ intoxicated create risk
of harm
Chillicothe Police Department

SMALES, HANNAH, 24 2950.06 – Failure to Verify Address; APA Hold – Parole
Ross County Sheriff’s Office

WALTERS, DAVID JR, 28 2903.21 – Aggravated Menacing Chillicothe Police Department

SNYDER, SAMUEL, 36 2925.12 – Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments; 2925.11 -Possession of Drugs
Ohio State Highway Patrol

BOYD, CHARLES, 45 APA Hold – Parole Holder Chillicothe Police Department

JUSTICE, ERIKA, 36 2925.11 – Possession of Drugs Ross County Sheriff’s Office

KENDALL, MISTER RICHARD, 28 2921.36A2 – Illegal Conveyance of Drugs of Abuse _ detention mental health facility; 2921.36 – Illegal Conveyance of Weapons
Ross County Sheriff’s Office