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White Found Competent to Stand Trial for Murder Waits on Pickaway County Court for Next Move


CIRCLEVILLE – A man has been found competent to stand trial for murder, felonious assault and Aggravated Trafficking/Possession of drugs after evaluation from a doctor.

On Christmas of 2019, a 911 call came into the Pickaway County Sheriff’s office of an unresponsive man on someone’s property in the 17000 block of Winchester Road in Ashville

According to a release from Pickaway County Sheriff when police arrived at 4:13 pm they found 33-year-old Douglas Micheal Buechler of Columbus dead on the property of people who didn’t know who he was.  The owner of the property said they also found two dogs on their property that, later found out belonged to the deceased man.

The body was treated as a suspicious death and an investigation was launched, a few hours later the deceased man’s car was found parked on Bortz street unoccupied in Ashville. The Sheriff gave the order to keep surveillance of the vehicle throughout the night.

Around 5 am the next morning a driver returned to the car and drove away. Multiple units responded to the possible suspect and deceased owner’s car and pulled it over on Ashville Pike and Miller road.

After investigation, the driver of that vehicle Bobby Lee Bear White, 42, of Circleville, was taken into custody and charged with murder, felonious assault, and Aggravated Trafficking and Possession of drugs.

White has had a few continuances since being found competant to stand trial,

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