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What Sports Betting Events Happen In The Summer


The NBA and NHL seasons are over, and the football leagues will end in a few weeks. This situation leaves sports betting fans with limited options of sports events to wager on. Well, some bettors opt to take a summer break and resume when the top leagues resume.
But, if you prefer to keep enjoying the thrill of sports betting, you’ll be pleased to know that many events are scheduled for the summer that you can place bets on. This article is timeless as it features major sports events that happen during the summer. These events are excellent options for sports betting fans and are available on top online platforms like Betway. Let’s dig in!
Tour de France
There’s no doubt that the Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race on the planet. It was first held 100 years ago and is usually held in July. American Lance Armstrong played a huge role in popularizing the Tour de France in the US. Armstrong competed and won the Tour de France year after year, encouraging more people to start following the sport.
This is an excellent sports event for you to wager on. Some of the wagers you should consider include wagering on who will win the Tour de France, who will finish in the Top 10 or Top 3, or who will win the Points.
British Open
The British Open is the oldest and most popular golf championship globally. The event is usually held in July every year since its inception in 1860. The British Open tournament usually attracts the best golfers from around the world.
If you love wagering on Golf events, then this is an excellent summer sports wagering option. The tournament features up to 156 players that whittles down to 70 for the final two days. Popular betting options include the open championship winner, top performing player from a nation, or first-round leader, among other bets.
Rugby World Cup
The Rugby World Cup is a global sporting competition. However, it does not happen yearly but after every four years. The stage is set for the finest talents in world rugby to lock horns at this year’s edition of the Rugby World Cup.
The event will take place between September 08 and October 28 in France. Top-rated betting sites, including Betway, will give users access to the Rugby World Cup betting markets. Some scenarios that can give you value in odds include winning the pool, naming the finalists, or first-time winner Yes/No.
FIFA Women’s Football Soccer World Cup
This is another event that is usually held after every four years. This is an excellent option for soccer betting fans globally. This year’s tournament will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It will kick off on July 20 and end on August 20.
Sports betting fans will have many markets to wager on for this tournament. For example, apart from the individual matches and in-match wagers, you can also bet on who will win the tournament and group winners. You can wager on who will be crowned the tournament’s top scorer or best goalkeeper.
Final Thoughts
The summer has many massive sports events that betting fans can wager on. The advantage of massive events is that you can get big wagers without much trouble. It is also the ideal time to master how to wager on a different sport from the one you usually wager on!