DATE    November 29, 2012 09:00AM

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    According to Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff, on November 28, 2012  at approximately 1:09AM Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received and responded to a 911 call of an infant not breathing at 27355 Armstrong Road, Laurelville.

    Deputy Brandon Skaggs arrived on the scene and rescue CPR was started. The child was transported to Berger Hospital by Tarlton Emergency Squad, and subsequently transferred to Children’s Hospital. At Children’s Nationwide Hospital, the child was assessed with trauma consistent with shaken baby syndrome and determined to be brain dead. The Hospital has been testing and following protocol through the night.

    Detective John Strawser of Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and Kim Cullen-Stevens, caseworker of Pickaway County Child Services, has been at Children’s Nationwide Hospital since the early morning hours. This morning the child was taken off life support and pronounced dead just prior to 9:00 AM at Children’s Nationwide Hospital.

    According to Sheriff Dwight Radcliff, Wayne “Wolf” Walker, who is a recent boyfriend of the 10 month old boy’s mother is a person of interest. We need to find him to speak about the circumstances of the child’s injuries.

    The case remains under investigation by The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.


    DATE    November 30, 2012 09:00 AM

    The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office has obtained an arrest warrant for 44 year old Wayne Wolf” Walker for Murder in the death of 10 month old Kyle Calton.

    Wayne “Wolf” Walker is covered from the neck down in tattoos and has an extensive criminal background.

    It is believed that Wayne Walker fled the area. He possibly fled south through Kentucky.

    If you see Wayne Walker call your local law enforcement agency.

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