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UPDATE: Adams County Shooting Suspect Name Released


ADAMS COUNTY – Multiple people are dead and one injured in a incident that included a shooting, a car chase,  two robberies, and a home fire in Adams county that ended in Pike County.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called today to assist the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Seaman Police Department with a shooting and homicide investigation. This occurred at the Marathon gas station located in Seaman, Ohio. The preliminary investigation shows the suspect, Brandon Carter, 44, attempted to abduct a female clerk from the gas station and during the course of the criminal act, a delivery truck driver was shot and killed. The female victim also sustained a gunshot wound from the suspect but remains in stable condition.

The suspect fled the scene and proceeded to conduct a robbery at the 1st Stop Gas Station in Seaman. The suspect fled the scene and was located by law enforcement officers while mobile in his vehicle. Law enforcement began pursuing and attempting to stop the suspect. During the pursuit, the suspect sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound and crashed the vehicle within Pike County.

In addition, the suspect’s residence had been set on fire and after the scene was contained, human remains were located and are pending identification. There are four scenes that have been processed: both gas stations and the residence by BCI, and the vehicular crash/suicide by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The State Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the arson and human remains.

Around 7:30 am this morning a report of a robbery with one person shot was reported at the Marathon Gas Station on 32 and Main street on Adams County. At 7:41 am Sheriff James E Nelson Interim Sheriff of Pike was asked to assist in a chase that came into Pike county. AT 7:47 a.m., a trooper from the Georgetown Post along with an Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to stop a 1999 Green Dodge Dakota on State Route 73 at Portsmouth Road in Adams County. Troopers received information the vehicle was involved in several incidents in the village of Seaman, including a shooting. The suspect failed to stop and a pursuit ensued.
The pursuit continued westbound on State Route 73 to State Route 32 before the suspect turned eastbound onto State Route 32. The pursuit continued eastbound on State Route 32 into Pike County. Attempts to stop stick the suspect vehicle were successful. At 8:09 a.m., in the area of milepost 21 (approximately 6 miles east of US Route 23), in Beaver Township, the suspect’s vehicle swerved hard to the left, crossing the median and the westbound lanes, before coming to rest along the left side of the roadway.
A perimeter was established and law enforcement approached the vehicle. Once entry to the vehicle was made, it was discovered that the suspect was the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Pike County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene and the suspect, Brandon Carter, 44, of Seaman was pronounced deceased.

Pike county sheriff did say that there was a possible 3rd incident that they are investigating now.

Police did report that two people were injured at the marathon gas station, a delivery driver not from the area was killed and the clerk at the gas station was injured but is in stable condition.

UPDATE: The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation was requested this morning to assist the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Seamen Police Department for an incident that occurred near the village of Seamen.
This is an ongoing investigation with developing details and multiple scenes. The suspect fled Adams County and ultimately took his own life – there is no further threat to the community.
Anyone with information about the crimes that occurred this morning is encouraged to call 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446).

The incident is currently still under investigation by joint law-enforcement agency‘s , Adams County Sheriffs Office, Ohio state highway patrol district 9 ,Ohio Bureau of criminal investigation Bci the names of the suspect and Victims or any further information or details regarding this incident will not be released by this office any further questions pertaining to this incident please contact the listed agency’s.