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Update – 19-Year-Old Arrested After Fleeing from Law Enforcement


Pickaway County – A high-speed chase blazed through some of Pickaway County this morning after law enforcement attempted to stop a man.

According to reports an attempt to stop around 7 am this morning by law enforcement in the area of 104 for speed ended with an arrest. An officer attempted to turn around on a white car that was driving at high speeds in the area of 104, but when he attempted to get turned around the suspect was already almost out of view. The officer BOLOed (Be on the lookout) for the white vehicle to other units in the area. Ohio State Highway Patrol picked up the chase as the unit encountered a Volkswagen GTI in the Commercial Point road and SR316 area driving at a high rate of speed. The OSP unit was in a good position and was able to give chase.

During the chase that went westbound on 316 speeds were clocked at over 100 mph and with lights and sirens, the car did not stop but kept pushing the car. The chase ended when the suspect attempted to elude law enforcement when he entered Darbyville and turned left onto Water street, but what he may not have known was that the street was a dead end. The suspect was taken into custody without any issues.

19-year-old Jake Stidham was arrested and charged with failure to comply, speed limit violations, tinted glass, and reckless operation of a vehicle. He is currently in Pickaway county jail where he will await court.