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Treasurer Sprague Invests $30 Million in Israel Bonds


COLUMBUS – Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague has announced the purchase of a two-year, fixed-rate Israel Bond amounting to $30 million.

In a statement, Treasurer Sprague highlighted the enduring partnership between the Ohio Treasurer’s office and Israel Bonds, spanning over three decades. He emphasized Israel Bonds’ reputation for providing competitive rates and consistent repayments, reaffirming its status as a prudent investment choice for Ohio.

The bond purchase, settled on May 1, is scheduled to mature on May 1, 2026, boasting an interest rate of 5.37%. This investment effectively replaces $30 million in bonds that had previously reached maturity.

Established in 1951, Israel Bonds has maintained a flawless record of fulfilling interest and principal payments, further solidifying its appeal to investors.

Ohio’s commitment to Israel Bonds dates back to 1993, with every state treasurer since then choosing to invest in them. Ohio joins over 115 other state and municipal public employee pension and treasury funds in this investment endeavor. Following this recent purchase, the Ohio Treasury now holds a total of $262.5 million in Israel Bonds, positioning Ohio as one of the largest government holders of these bonds nationwide.

Treasurer Sprague’s tenure has seen Ohio’s investment in Israel Bonds reach a cumulative total of $357.5 million, further cementing the state’s commitment to this long-standing investment strategy.