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Ross, Fairfield County to Receive 90,000 in Funding Each to Help Fight Against Illegal Drugs


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio unveiled a $3 million funding initiative aimed at bolstering 42 local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat illegal drug activity across the state.

The grants, drawn from the 2024 Ohio Drug Law Enforcement Fund, are set to fortify drug task forces operating in 36 counties, targeting drug trafficking, pharmaceutical diversion, and other criminal activities tied to the illicit drug trade. Administered through the Office of Criminal Justice Services, this program aims to empower local agencies in safeguarding Ohioans by fostering collaboration among multi-jurisdictional task forces.

Part of that funding with go to southern Ohio Counties including Ross ($91,226.55), and Fairfield Counties ($98,493.16)

Governor DeWine stressed the significance of empowering local drug task force commanders who possess intricate knowledge of their region’s drug landscape. “By providing this funding, we are ensuring that more drugs are seized from our streets and more drug traffickers are brought to justice,” stated Governor DeWine.

These funds will enable agencies to intensify efforts to dismantle drug trafficking organizations, disrupt drug supplies, and enhance intelligence gathering, information sharing, and coordination among multiple agencies. Moreover, grants will facilitate local initiatives aimed at aiding drug overdose victims and their families through education, support services, and treatment options.

The Ohio Drug Law Enforcement Fund forms a vital component of the state’s comprehensive Drug Interdiction, Disruption, and Reduction Plan, which is financed through Ohio’s operating budget.

Today’s grants complement a series of initiatives spearheaded by Governor DeWine to address drug trafficking and substance use disorder. Since assuming office in 2019, Governor DeWine has championed the RecoveryOhio initiative, which prioritizes aggressive measures to combat the opioid epidemic and invests in the health and well-being of Ohioans. Through programs like the RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund, millions have been allocated to empower local drug task forces in intercepting illegal drugs and advancing substance use awareness, prevention, and recovery efforts. Additionally, efforts include expanding access to specialized court dockets, providing alternatives to incarceration for defendants with mental health or substance use disorders.

Governor DeWine’s administration has also established the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center, offering support to local law enforcement agencies engaged in intelligence-driven drug trafficking investigations. Furthermore, significant funding has been secured for the development of Major Drug Interdiction Task Forces targeting transnational drug trafficking cartels.