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Traffic Stop Leads to Narcotics Arrest in Chillicothe


Chillicothe, Ohio (March 11, 2024): A routine patrol by a Chillicothe Police officer resulted in the arrest of one individual and the seizure of suspected narcotics.

Traffic Stop and Inventory Search

While on patrol, an officer observed a gray sedan with an expired registration traveling south on North Bridge Street. The officer initiated a traffic stop near the intersection of North Bridge Street and Winona Boulevard.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer identified the driver as Earl Richard. A subsequent check revealed that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license, and the vehicle’s registration had expired. As a result, the vehicle was scheduled to be towed.

A standard inventory search of the vehicle was conducted before it was impounded. During this search, officers located drug paraphernalia consistent with narcotic use.

Probable Cause Search and Arrests

Following the discovery of drug paraphernalia, officers conducted a probable cause search of the driver and passenger. This search yielded suspected narcotics on both individuals.

Charges and Court Dates

Earl Richard was issued a citation for driving under suspension (DUS) and expired registration. Additionally, they received a summons for drug paraphernalia with a court date scheduled for March 15th, 2024, at 9:00 am in Chillicothe Municipal Court.

The passenger Jesse Eldridge was also issued a summons for drug paraphernalia with the same court date and time.

Evidence Processing and Vehicle Towed

All evidence recovered from the scene was photographed and logged into the Chillicothe Police Department’s evidence system. The vehicle was inventoried and towed by a local towing company.