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Circleville Chief Baer Placed on Leave


Circleville – Chief Baer has been placed on leave effective immediately as of yesterday afternoon when the new mayor Blanton ordered the Chief to leave his police-issued items with Pickaway County Sheriff Hafey.

According to documents Baer was placed on leave for an investigation into allegations of potential misconduct. Including but not limited to harassment, intimidation, retaliation, threats of discipline, misuse of position, improper expenditures, failure to adhere to deadline, and timekeeping violations.

In a video, Sheriff Hafey was seen on standby in the Circleville City Municipal building waiting for the news to be broken to the City Police chief by acting safety director and mayor Michelle Blanton.

When Baer comes out of the office, the Mayor asks for his keys to the department, his service gun, and anything else from his desk inside the police department. Shortly afterwards Sheriff Hafey then takes Baer to his home where he confiscates his service gun.

Information on the reason the top cop from Circleville has been put on leave has not been forthcoming yet. But Circleville did pay out 40,000 dollars to former officer Ryan Speakman just a month prior after he fought with the city for being fired without just cause.

Deputy Chief Doug Davis will take over as acting police chief in Baer’s place. Cheif Baer will be paid during the investigation.