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Letter to the Editor, Local Breaks Down Facts of Teays Valley School Levy


To the resident of Teays Valley Local Schools please consider the following before voting for the Teays Valley bond issue, consider the following facts:

Over 5 years, Teays Valley has spent $1,079,450 to a local paving company for parking lot maintenance. (It may be time for Ohio to implement competitive bidding for schools)

The average income in Ohio is around $62,000. 

65 teachers/staff members at Teays Valley that make between $60,000 and $70,000 per year.

38 teachers/members of staff at Teays Valley that make between $70,000 and $80,000 per year. 

96 teachers/staff at Teays Valley that make $80,000 to $90,000 per year. They mostly work 185 days per year(Half the year is 182.5 days)

20 teachers/staff at Teays Valley earned more than $90,000. One is a High School Librarian. 

17 Staff members make $100,000+ per year.

Feel free to check Buckeye Institute’s website or the Ohio Checkbook.

The highest paid person at Teays Valley is 

the Superintendent at nearly: $145,000.

These numbers are from 2022. You think they’ve dropped with a period of high inflation? I doubt it. More than likely, they increased in 2023.

On average, Teays Valley takes out 60% or more of all your property taxes.

(With the recent increase in property tax rates, they just got a boost in tax revenue too!)

Don’t forgot about the 1.5% levied on your salary as well!

Teays Valley Local School District was awarded over $5 million in Emergency Relief Funds. This includes monies from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, BroadbandOhio Connectivity and the ARP ESSER grant (Check ODE’s website, it’s on there)

The bond issue is for buildings, not operating them.

These two new buildings alone will increase square footage under cover to 205,000 sq.ft. or 4.71 acres of building that will need to be staffed, heated, cooled and maintained. 

But no mention of an operating levy?…. No. Not yet.

How much is in your savings account or investment portfolio?

Teays Valley has around a combined $43 million in these alone. (Nearly the amount needed by the taxpayers for one new Intermediate school!)

What about the money from the Casino revenue? Sports Betting? Warehouse payments? TIF monies? Developers fees to offset the growth?

“Ask questions, you aren’t uneducated, just educated enough to believe what you’ve been taught. Now question what you’ve been taught!”

Teays Valley kids have traditionally fared better than other area districts due to the generosity of the taxpayer. Unfortunately, that generosity has been taken advantage of to the point that if you question why the District needs more money, you’re against the kids. Point in case the: “Citizens for Teays Valley Schools” recent post on bringing back split sessions. It’s fear mongering, and it’s uncalled for. 

The District needs to do better. So does the School Board.(YOU were elected by the way) This District also needs to get its priorities together(probably not a field house, OCC switch and potential new baseball “complex”) AND become more fiscally responsible. We’re not Olentangy and we’re not Dublin, so stop trying to ride their coattails. Are we really “All In” or just leaving behind?”

Rich Rowe