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Title 42 Repeal Unleashes a New Chapter – Anticipating a Surge of Asylum Seekers in Ohio


A lot has happened since the Biden administration put a stop to Title 42. For those out of the loop, this was the rule that let American officials give a big “no entry” sign to migrants heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border, all in the name of stopping COVID-19 from spreading further. According to CNN, “Since Biden took office, administration officials have been aware that Title 42 would eventually have to go as the pandemic, on which the authority is based, receded. The rule became a source of tension, both within the administration and politically as Democrats hammered the administration for not ending it sooner…” But with that roadblock now gone, we’re expecting a big wave of refugees and people seeking asylum to start pouring into the U.S. Olympic swimming pools won’t hold a candle to this surge.

Greetings, Cleveland!

Meet your new neighbors, as thousands of immigrants are getting ready to call Cleveland home. From as far away as Venezuela and Cuba, to our southern neighbors in Honduras, people are getting ready to start new lives away from a huge mash-up of ugly issues like violence, crime, famine, and corruption. Imagine living out a portion of an action movie every day, with no pause button to give you a breather.

Graham Ball from the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants spills the beans, letting us know these brave souls are doing everything by-the-book, seeking asylum because of the haunting fears from their not-so-sweet home countries. A frequent scenario worthy of a mention is that people closer to southern states, as well as Arizona often seek the help of a Phoenix immigration lawyer who can help them transition to their new home. Needless to say, this is a smart and practical step to take.

Can Cleveland Handle it?

But here’s the real question: Can Northeast Ohio handle this unexpected party? Well, if previous feats are anything to go by, the answer’s a resounding–yes.

Just take a look-see at Ukraine’s huge presence here since their conflict with Russia kicked off, or all the folks who fled Afghanistan in 2021. We’ve rolled out the red carpet for all of them, and it’s no thanks to anyone but Mr. Joe Cimperman of Global Cleveland. He’s done an incredible job- not just building bridges, but complete highways of support for those new to the neighborhood.

Use Parma as an example: home to a massive Ukrainian-American community, they’ve shown that we’re like a diverse and bountiful buffet, ready to welcome and nurture.

Now, with a new group of immigrants from Central and South America expected, our energetic Hispanic and Latin communities are ready to say “¡Hola!” and make them feel right at home. Because nothing says welcome like a home-cooked meal and the comfort of finding familiar cultures in a new land, right? And so the tapestry of the nation continues to grow richer with each thread we add.