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Time Change Confronting Us This Weekend

A 2001 US public service advertisement reminded people to adjust clocks (Wikipedia).

The Scioto Valley — Prepare to change all your clocks that don’t adjust themselves (and being misled by some that you miss)…to wait for you body to adjust to a skip in time…and to expect a later sunrise – especially for schoolchildren waiting for the bus.

It’s that aggravating time for a time change again.

The only consolation is that we gain an hour of sleep…though, only to be taken away again in spring. (We are told that there will be more light in the evening after the time change, but I’m skeptical.)

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend as we “fall back,” with clocks officially turned back one hour at 2am Sunday, November 5th. That means that at the longitude of the Scioto Valley, we move closer to actual, solar time – we will be only 15 minutes fast, instead of an hour and 15. (And holistic health experts say your body knows what the real time is no matter what the clock says!)

There are rumors that we might have remained on Daylight Saving Time, but no legislative action was completed to prevent the time change this fall and spring.

Not only has Congress failed to allow states to remain on DST, but in 2020 the Ohio General Assembly passed a resolution backing it, but not demanding it. The newspeak federal “Sunshine Protection Act” that would create permanent Daylight Saving Time failed to pass in 2023, so we will not only “fall back” this weekend, but “spring forward” again on the second Sunday in March.

Only Arizona and Hawaii have avoided time changes, remaining on standard time. (All or parts of Indiana have been flipping between Eastern and Central time, but that frontier has moved westward in the state.)

Of course, nowhere in my internet search did I find where any legislature has the legal power to mess with our clocks. Personally, I’d just as soon use a sundial.

And you now know where I stand on this issue.

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Daylight Saving Time was first implemented in the United States to conserve energy during World War I (Wikipedia).
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