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Ten Law Enforcement agencies collaborate for huge busts, raids, in Circleville


Circleville – Mayor Don McIlroy has a standing order that all efforts must be made to make the citizens of Circleville safe from narcotics and related crimes. On this order, a collaboration of law enforcement agencies conducted a 2-day operation. On November 1st and 2nd the Circleville Police Department conducted Criminal Saturation Enforcement with the assistance of the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, the Chillicothe Police Department, the Circleville Municipal Court Probation Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Ohio Investigative Unit, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Homeland Security, and a Victims Advocate from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During the operation, the Circleville Police Department responded to a total of ninety-three calls for service. Twenty-two traffic stops were conducted where eight grams of heroin were seized along with copious amounts of drug paraphernalia. Ten grams of counterfeit narcotics were confiscated and are currently under investigation. One male overdosed on suspected narcotics and was revived with Narcan by Officers.

Officers were also involved in a vehicle pursuit of a wanted felon which ended in Oakland (Fairfield County). The suspect was captured after a short foot pursuit. Bruce Byers was arrested on a Nationwide Felony warrant for a Probation Violation with the original charge being Manufacturing Methamphetamine. The Ohio State Highway Patrol provided an aircraft to assist in the pursuit in addition to multiple units from both the Circleville and Lancaster Posts.

Due to the complexities and size of this operation, which included ten agencies and over fifty Law Enforcement Officers, several charges and indictments were filed. There are pending charges and indictments still to come based upon ongoing investigations.

Information gathered, which will impact other communities, will be shared with those agencies in the spirit of collaboration. Our intent is to be open with investigative information to help any community which, in the end, helps us all. The Circleville Police Department appreciates all the help provided in this operation. Without this collaboration, this operation would have never been possible.

The officers involved in this operation are united in not only developing innovative ways of conducting these types of actions but also understand that arresting people is not the only solution. The Pickaway Area Recovery Services, known as P.A.R.S., has been working with the Circleville Police Department to develop solutions in helping people after being arrested. The is to assist them in solving the complex problems in their lives. P.A.R.S. will offer assistance to those involved in this operation because the end goal is to help all people, including those who have made a poor decision.

Arrested on the charges of Soliciting Prostitution and Loitering to Engage in Solicitation of Prostitution:

James W. Stangle II DOB 01/08/1958 of Circleville
Raymond Smith DOB 03/09/1958 of Circleville
Michael Overby DOB 05/19/1968 of Williamsport

Arrested on the charges of Soliciting Prostitution:

Shaquayvia Smith DOB 05/11/1993 of Columbus
Melissa Howard DOB 09/25/1984 of Columbus
Yndia J. Owens DOB 04/05/1998 of Columbus

Arrested for Receiving Stolen Property:

Tashalia May DOB 01/19/1986 of Circleville

Arrested on charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine:

Bruce Byers DOB 12/31/1976 of Circleville



  1. I don’t understand…I thought this was an effort to get narcotics. 6 of those arrests resulted in prostitution related charges?

    • You do realize that many, not all, prostitutes also use drugs. So they were probably watching and decided that they were able to charge them with prostitution related charges. Which lead to taking them to jail so they had to search them and there may be more charges coming to those poeple. The article does mention pending charges and indictments.

    • Seven years ago, narcotics busts in Circleville led to them finding and breaking up a prostitution and human trafficking ring (at the old Matchbox tavern, now Thirsty Parrot). Networks of illicit goods and services can go hand in hand – Johns know where their prostitutes are from, the prostitutes know where their pimps are, and the pimps may be involved in more than just running sex, ect.

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