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Survey: The City of Circleville is Asking for Your Opinion on Angled Parking


CIRCLEVILLE – A idea that came from Downtown businesses and Uptown Circleville on a way to expand parking to Circleville Downtown.

In August during a Circleville Council Meeting Don Mcllroy Circleville Mayor talked about a idea from the Downtown entities of a possibility of angled parking on Circleville’s Downtown District for the purpose of adding spaces, and to slow down traffic in the area.

“We need to add parking to the downtown area, and we could certainly do these things on Court Street quite easily. Plus this would also aide in slowing down traffic in the downtown area. We constantly hear there is no additional parking downtown, and this is a possible way to do it,” said Don Mcllroy in Council.

Mcllroy told Sciotopost that he didn’t want to make this decision but he wants Circleville to do that, “Some people are for it and some are against it so the decision was to send out a survey in peoples water bills this month.”

Ragene Pinson Adminitrative Assistant of Circleville Department of Utilities said that they will be sending the surveys out this week in peoples water bills. They will be printing them on bright paper so people see them and respond. Pinson said that they are also delivering the surveys to rental properties in the area to get feedback from people who live in the area but don’t receive a water bill.

“This is the best way to give everyone in the city the opportunity to weigh in on this subject,” said Pinson, “Surveys can mailed in or dropped off at the drop box located at 108 East Franklin. 

The questionnaire has four questions about shopping, eating, and parking downtown. Two are yes and know answers the other two give the ability to voice more of your opinion.

According to information gathered at the Council Meetings angled parking would add an additional 48 parking spots in Circleville Downtown area. According to Circleville DBA there are a total of 400 parking spots in the downtown area.

“The most difficult issue is backing up into traffic up but, we have that parking on Mound already by the library, and we have very few accidents there. Now there isn’t as much traffic on Mound Street as there is on Court Street and that is something we have to take into consideration,” said Circleville Mayor.

The mayor said that this would add another tool in the Circleville Downtown toolbox, and it would give downtown businesses more parking for their patrons, but wants to give the city the option to do it or not.

Council asked if there’s a possibility of adding a bike path to the plan to give bicyclist a safer route through downtown.