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Superload Number 4 Parked on Fairgrounds Road in Ross County, Like Previous but Different Superload

Superload 4 being put to bed on Fairgrounds Road.

Ross County and the Scioto Valley — Superload number 4 made its way up from a dock on the Ohio River, and like the previous superload, is parked on Fairgrounds Road in Ross County until Friday morning.

Unlike its tubular predecessor headed to a plastics recycling plant in Heath, this shipment is a big box headed to the the Intel plant complex in New Albany.

I caught its arrival from State Route 104 just north of State Route 207, and watched it being backed up into the road to the Ross Country Fairgrounds where it will rest overnight. See my montage of the operation in the below video and photos.

I spoke with a member of Linde Trucking company based in Kentucky, which is hauling it. He said this is their first run for the superloads heading to New Albany, and so they are going slow and parking early to leave plenty of leeway for learning the route.

He said tomorrow it will be next be parked near Rickenbacker Airport, and then move another day to New Albany.

Matt Bruning, press secretary of the Ohio Department of Transportation, has been posting ODOT’s tower cam and drone photos of the load en route on his news Facebook page.

Bruning said it’s nice to see people excited to see these superloads – but they need to be safe and stay back. He said ODOT has a “Special Hauling Office” for superloads like this, and they have a page on the ODOT website with information. You can also get news releases and email alerts on the shipments.

See also ODOT’s Super Load Traffic Advisory for today, with data and route for this shipment.

Learn more in my story on previous Superload No. 3.

And yes, those are hydraulic jacks at each axle to level this load – but I don’t think they are going to do any low riding!

Superload 4 coming up State Route 104 past State Route 207.
I presume this separate little engine is needed to operate the hydraulics on each axle to level Superload no. 4.
Shipping label!
A temporary pavement was provided to widen Fairgrounds Road. (Evidently this brand is marketed for oil rigs.)
Where does a kiloton superload park? Wherever it wants to!