Home News PUCO Greenlights Safety Enhancements for Eight Rail Crossings in Pickaway County

PUCO Greenlights Safety Enhancements for Eight Rail Crossings in Pickaway County


COLUMBUS, OHIO (April 4, 2024) – In a significant move aimed at bolstering safety measures, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has given the nod to nearly $3 million worth of safety upgrades across eight rail crossings within Circleville, Pickaway County.

Norfolk Southern Railway (NSR) will spearhead the implementation of various improvements, including but not limited to:

  • Upgrades of active warning devices at the Clinton Street and South Washington Street grade crossings, with the removal of Huston Street gates.
  • Enhancement of active warning devices at the South Pickaway Street grade crossing, along with the removal of Huston Street cantilever/gates.
  • Flashing lights and circuitry upgrades at the South Court Street grade crossing.
  • Installation of new gate upgrades at the South Scioto Street grade crossing.
  • Flashing lights upgrades at the West Mound Street grade crossing.
  • Active warning device and circuitry upgrades featuring traffic preemption and blank out signs at the U.S. 22/Main Street grade crossing.
  • Introduction of new flashing lights and gate upgrades at the West High Street grade crossing.

NSR has committed to completing these upgrades by April 3, 2025.

The project’s total cost stands at $2,855,610, with federal funds covering $2,141,707, while NSR will contribute $713,902 towards the endeavor.

To ensure public safety during the construction phase, local authorities may seek additional funding from PUCO for supplementary safety measures such as rumble strips, enhanced illumination, signage improvements, or other enhancements at the project site. Such funding will be sourced from the State Grade Crossing Safety Fund and capped at $5,000 per project.

PUCO, entrusted with evaluating Ohio’s public grade crossings to ascertain the necessity of installing active warning devices, notes a significant decrease in train-motor vehicle crashes since the initiation of these assessments, dropping from 356 in 1990 to 61 in 2022.

For inquiries regarding railroad crossings, Ohioans can reach out to the Ohio Rail Hotline at (866) 814-RAIL (7245) or visit the Ohio railroad information system website at gradecrossings.puco.ohio.gov.

For further details on today’s Commission order, including a comprehensive list of crossings earmarked for upgrades, visit the PUCO website at www.PUCO.ohio.gov, navigate to the Docketing Information System, and input case number 24-237-RR-FED.