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Columbus Police Conclude Operation Unity, Yielding Significant Results


Columbus, OH – On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the Columbus Division of Police wrapped up “Operation Unity,” a comprehensive law enforcement initiative aimed at addressing crime trends and addressing resident complaints in specific neighborhoods across the city. The operation, which involved collaboration between law enforcement agencies and social services, targeted areas including North Linden, South Linden, King-Lincoln Bronzeville, Mt. Vernon, Eastgate, Milo-Grogan, and other locations within Zone 6.

A multi-faceted approach was employed, with patrol officers, Criminal Intelligence units, Major Crimes detectives, SWAT teams, Drug Crimes units, Traffic Operations units, and other local and statewide partners working together. The operation’s primary objectives were to identify violent offenders, recover firearms, and seize illegal narcotics through the execution of search warrants and targeted enforcement activities.

The results of Operation Unity are as follows:

  • 133 Traffic Citations
  • 167 Parking Citations
  • 10 Vehicles Impounded
  • 20 Felony Arrests
  • 13 Firearms Recovered
  • 1 Stolen Vehicle Recovered
  • 2,643 Grams of Fentanyl Seized
  • 1,670 Grams of Cocaine Seized
  • 30 Pounds of Meth Seized

The operation’s success underscores the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders in addressing public safety concerns and combating criminal activity in targeted neighborhoods. Further details regarding specific arrests and ongoing investigations were not immediately available.