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Stewart Announces Launch Cut Red Tape Ohio Website


COLUMBUS—State Representative Brian Stewart (R-Ashville) today announced the launch of Cut Red Tape Ohio, a website developed by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) and the Ohio business community to provide more transparency within Ohio’s rule-making process within its agencies.

“This is a really exciting initiative that will work for the benefit of not only Ohio’s business communities, but also for its constituents,” Stewart said. “It is vital to provide Ohioans with transparency when it comes to government regulations. No one should feel in the dark or helpless with these issues, and as a member of JCARR, I am proud to support this transparency.”

The website reflects the ongoing effort of the Legislature to reduce components of Ohio’s regulatory environment negatively impacting Ohio’s businesses and citizens. It also requires state agencies to reduce the overall number of state regulations by 30 percent over three years.

The Cut Red Tape Ohio site provides constituents the opportunity to report Ohio regulations that restrict their business or personal life. Each inquiry received will be reviewed to see if the regulation can be modified or eliminated.

Those reporting issues will receive status emails from a JCARR staff person working for the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives regarding their inquiry during the review process.

Visit the website and learn more at https://cutredtape.ohio.gov/.