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Steve Comes Back to Blues Clues for 25 Year Anniversary Message


US – Children and Adults can remember going on adventures with Steve and his Puppy Blue trying to solve mysteries, but when Steve left in 2002 and was replaced no one knew what happened to him.

That is until now when Nick Jr posted a 2-minute story on social media with the original host Steve who shares a heart-filled message to his old fans.

Steve starts out his message by talking about going off to college, and how “abrupt” that was saying, “can we talk about that.”

Steve talks about his own accomplishments in college that he worked hard and accomplished tasks, “a step at a time, now he’s doing many of the things he wanted to do.”

Burns then turns the accomplishments on his fans who are most likely adults by now.

“Some of it has been kind of hard, you know?” Burns said. “I know you know. And I really wanted to tell you that I really couldn’t have done all of that without your help.”

Adult fans across social media are sharing the message, and it went viral just hours after Nickelodeon posted it.

The show planned the message around the mark of the  Sept. 8, 1996, premiere of the original “Blue’s Clues,” which aired six seasons’ worth of originals.

A special show will be airing on September 17th