Home News Southern Ohio School Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Illness

Southern Ohio School Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Illness


LEESBURG – Fairfield Local Schools district has imposed a, “calamity closure” after the illness has gone beyond acceptable levels in the schools.

According to a press release from the school student absences due to illness stand at 14.5% of the student population last week. This percentage does not include students from Monday that will be being placed in quarantine so they expect these numbers to rise.

The school says that in one week we have seen our absentee rate amongst students rise by 315%. The cause is, “multiple viruses flowing through our school. Of course, COVID is a factor but we have Rhinovirus and bronchial infections at a high rate as well.”

The school says it will follow protocols already set in place from 2019. In 2019 flu absences were above 10% in just one building. Last school year they shut down during the COVID peak in November.

“That is why I am closing Fairfield schools for the remainder of this week. The school will resume on Monday, August 30,” said the superintendent.

This not only will affect school attendance but also sports that may have been occurring this week.