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Two Men Were Caught with a Total of Ten Warrants, a Prison and Judge Let Them Go


NELSONVILLE – For weeks Nelsonville police have been trying to put two people behind bars for minor charges in the area, but now they have been let go by the local Judge and warrants dismissed.

According to the Nelsonville police department, two men Jeffrey Mehl and Daniel Craig who had a total of ten warrants for arrest in the area were arrested again on August 20, 2021. The department has reported over the last weeks of the arrest of these two individuals but the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail refused to accept the subjects on more than one occasion over a few different days due to no availability of bed space.

Police frustrated with that situation and having no other options available, Jeffrey Mehl and Daniel Craig were transported down to Athens County Municipal Court on their warrants and taken straight in front of Judge Grace by NPD.

Judge Grace dismissed all eight warrants on Jeffrey Mehl and rescheduled his court appearance for a later date in the future. Daniel Craig had two (2) active warrants that were dismissed by Judge Grace at this time but not before he gave Mr. Craig a few additional weeks’ time to make a restitution payment to the court. Both individuals were released.