Home News “Sonic Boom” Loud Noise Heard Over Southern Ohio

“Sonic Boom” Loud Noise Heard Over Southern Ohio


SOUTHERN OHIO – A loud boom was heard around 2 pm this afternoon and for some people it shook their house.

We have had several messages on this incident and after discussing it with several local authorities we think this is the possibility of a sonic boom from an aircraft. Local authorities have nothing to report on the incident.

The “boom” was heard throughout Pickaway county, East Fairfield county and Northern Ross county.

A sonic boom is caused by pressure waves in-front and behind it, the sound is caused by the stick waves created by any object that travels through the air faster than the speed of sound. The noise is not heard from the aircraft surprisingly it comes after the plane has flown by.

Several aircraft have been seen over the area in the last 24 hours including military planes.