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Shop with a Cop in Hillsboro Creates a Day to Remember for Kids Participating


HILLISBORO – The Highland County Peace Officers Association along with the Brown County Peace Officers Association are participating in Shop with the Cop today, but its not just your standard shop with a Cop they go once step further.

Starting this morning around 8:30 am Shop with a Cop starts with breakfast for dozens of kids participating in the event.

After breakfast at Old Y Restaurant and Barnett Trucking, around seventy cruisers will head through the center of Hillsboro with lights and sirens to the local Walmart located at US 62 on Harry Sauner Road. Its quite a sight to see check it out.


“Please be patient with the traffic and keep in mind for those children it will be remembered as one of the most special days of their lives. Thank you for your support,” said Hillsboro Police.

After the shopping event, the Brown County group will go to Twenty Four Deli and Pizza for lunch while the Highland County group will go to Big Ernie’s Pizza. After lunch both groups will go to Star Cinemas for a movie.

What a day for some lucky kids!