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Sheetz is Offering Gas at 1.85 Starting Today


OHIO – Sheetz is offering a discount on some of its gas blends starting today, but not everyone can use it.

That’s because Sheetz is offering a heavy discount on E-85 or Flex fuel that can only be used in vehicles that are made to use the more ethanol-rich gasoline.

Flexible Fuel Vehicles are designed to burn a gasoline-ethanal blend that has anywhere from 51% to 83% ethanol. It’s not like regular gasoline, or Unleaded 87, which usually only has 10% ethanol.

According to the EPA, only vehicles that are designed to use E85 can use it for fuel. You can look up if your vehicle can use E85 at pearsonfuels.com/flex-fuel-car-check/. Or check your owner’s manual.

Sheetz will run the promotion from April 17 to April 30th.