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A Run Away Kitten, A Baseball Bat and Profanity Led to Barricade Stand Off in Chillicothe


CHILLICOTHE – A man destroyed his home and some of his brothers property with a baseball bat after losing control of a house kitten.

According to reports from Chillicothe police department they were called to 1232 Betty Lane in reference to a domestic situation. When officers arrived they found the cars in the driveway had windows broken out and when officers attempted to contact the residence they noticed the inside of house was also destroyed.

When officers shouted into the residence Luke Segnitz one of the men who lived at the address rushed out at cops with a baseball bat in hand. Police noticed at that time the man was also bleeding from the head. Police tried to negotiate with the man but eventually the man threw the baseball bat at the officers. Then refused to come out of the home.

The other brother who lives in the home who was in a better mental state explained to police what had happened. Segnitz house kitten had run outside and they were not able to find it, he had been in the garage working when his brother told him about the lost kitten. Frustrated with the two situations he said he cussed out loud and thats what set his brother off. His brother confronted him about him swearing, the argument escalated more from there and a stool was tossed against the wall. That set Luke off even more thats when he picked up the baseball bat and destroyed the house and the cars.

The brother said that they never became physical towards each other just towards the property.

Police left the scene after Lukes brother said that he did not believe that Luke would cause anyone any harm.

Chillicothe Police, OSP, and Chillicothe members of SWAT were on scene during the situation.