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Ross County – Woman with Three Warrants Arrested for Theft at Walmart


Chillicothe – Local Police had to wrestle a 47-year-old woman down after she shoved items down her pants and attempted to leave Walmart without paying.

According to the Chillicothe police department, they were called to the local Walmart located at 85 River Trace Lane. While in route description of the female leaving the store was described as wearing a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and white shoes. When the officer arrived he saw the suspect in the parking lot and when she saw him, she darted into a car. When the officer pulled up behind the vehicle he could hear the suspect yelling at the driver to go! Seeing the police the driver stopped the vehicle and put his hands up. The passenger though was seen scurrying around in the back seat trying to hide items. The officer then reported that he attempted to take the female suspect identified as Ebony Hutchinson into custody, but she started to resist. In the report the officer said.

I then grabbed Ms. Hutchinson’s right arm and removed her from the vehicle. Once out of the
vehicle, she began pulling away from me. I told her that she was under arrest and to stop. Ms. Hutchinson then pulled her whole body away attempting to flee. I was able to secure her against the vehicle for a moment and she continued to resist. I attempted to place her right arm behind her back but she was trying to face me and puller arms to her chest.

I then conducted a takedown by placing her right arm in an arm bar position and directing her to the the ground. Once on the ground, Ms. Hutchinson got back up to her hands and knees. I could hear dispatch attempting to check up on me, via radio, but was unable to answer back. I stopped her from getting up further and again ordered the males not to move and to keep their hands up which they complied. I continued attempting to keep Ms. Hutchinson down with the arm bar as I watched the other subjects, however, she was able to halfway stand up. I then had to push into her, still securing her right arm, knocking her to the ground. I placed my knee into the right side of her back/ hip area in order to immobilize her hips. This was stopping her from being able to get back to her hands and knees. At this time, Ms. Hutchinson gave up her arms and was able to be placed in handcuffs.

During a search of Hutchinson and the back seat of the vehicle officers found locate two cans of polyurethane and a kit of acrylic paint. There was a cigarette pack on the back seat that contained a glass pipe with residue and burn marks on it. In her purse officers located a package of clean pipes that matched the one in the cigarette pack, a black coin purse, and a black capsule container. The black coin purse contained a glass pipe that had a bubble on one end with burn marks and residue, another pipe with burn marks and residue, and misc drug paraphernalia. The coin purse also contained a plastic bag housing a white rock substance, another bag that contained a white crystal substance and a third bag that had black chunks of an unknown substance. The black container had a plastic bag that had a crystal substance. Another bag was inside that housed a white powder substance. Lastly, a prescription bottle with her name on it was located inside that housed 6 pink pills labeled (8) and 5 white pills labeled (T 3). The pills were checked through Drugs.com and found to be Buprenorphine and Gabapentin.

Hutchinson told police that she attempted to run because she had three warrants for her arrest. Walmart claimed the total amount of the theft was 33.91. Hutchinson was charged with warrant # CRB 2002173 for failure to appear on the charge of theft, warrant # CRB2301701 issued before initial appearance on the charge of theft, and Pike County warrant # CRB2000622 for probation violation on the charge of possession of drugs. She will then be held in RCJ in lieu of bond, pending her court date in the Chillicothe Municipal Court on 11/15/23 at 9 am.