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Ross County – Woman Cited after Being Caught Going 100 MPH on US-23

Traffic Ticket Police Vehicle - A police cruiser with the lights flashing has stopped a speeding car along the interstate highway and is issuing a ticket.

ROSS COUNTY, Ohio – On April 24, 2024, Deputy Roderic Dutcher, as part of the Summer Holiday Enforcement Program (SHEP), was patrolling US 23 within the Ross County Safety Corridor when he observed a concerning traffic violation.

While monitoring traffic on US 23 South near mile marker 16, Deputy Dutcher detected a black Kia Forte traveling at a staggering 100mph in a posted 60mph zone, heading northbound in the number one lane. Recognizing the imminent danger posed by such reckless driving, Deputy Dutcher promptly initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle.

Upon making contact with the driver, identified as Amy Corey, Deputy Dutcher informed her of the reason for the stop. Corey explained that she was rushing to transport a passenger to a job interview and claimed ignorance of her excessive speed.

During the course of the traffic stop, Deputy Dutcher requested Corey’s driver’s license, which she admitted to not having on her person. Corey also failed to provide satisfactory proof of insurance, only producing an expired insurance card.

Subsequently, Deputy Dutcher issued Corey citations for her speed violation, citing the serious risk it posed to public safety, as well as for her failure to produce a valid driver’s license. Despite Corey’s attempt to provide an expired insurance card, Deputy Dutcher explained that it did not meet the requirement for proof of insurance and advised her to provide valid documentation to the courts.

Corey signed the citations and was informed of her court date set for May 9, 2024, at 0900 hours. Deputy Dutcher emphasized the consequences of neglecting to address the citations, including the issuance of a warrant and potential license suspension.