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High-Speed Pursuit Ends in Collison with Fayette County Law Enforcement


Fayette County, Ohio – On Thursday afternoon, April 25, 2024, law enforcement agencies were thrust into a high-stakes pursuit following a red 2005 Ford F150 traveling north on U.S. 62 toward Fayette County. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office received notification from the Hillsboro Police Department, initiating a chase that would culminate in a dramatic standoff.

Deputies from Fayette County swiftly intervened, intercepting the fleeing vehicle on Staunton-Sugar Grove Rd & U.S. 62 in the Village of Staunton. The suspect, later identified as Dustin W. Chaney, age 41 of Hillsboro, continued to evade authorities, navigating through various routes in a bid to evade capture.

As the pursuit unfolded, deputies made multiple attempts to bring the vehicle to a halt, deploying maneuvers to slow its progress and shield other motorists on the road. However, the situation escalated when Chaney rammed the rear of a cruiser operated by Deputy Ron Martin. Undeterred, Chaney then made a sudden turn onto Wilson-Silcott Rd, resulting in a collision with an unmarked Dodge Durango cruiser operated by Captain Ryan McFarland, ultimately bringing the pursuit to an end in an agricultural field at the intersection.

Law enforcement officers swiftly approached the suspect vehicle, only to discover Chaney engaging in self-harm, using a knife to inflict wounds on his wrist. Despite the tense situation, Chaney was apprehended without further incident, and medical assistance was promptly summoned to the scene. He was transported by Fayette County EMS to Adena-Fayette Medical Center for treatment.

Further investigation revealed that Chaney was wanted on active felony drug warrants out of Highland County. Fortunately, neither Deputy Martin nor Captain McFarland sustained injuries during the ordeal.

Following treatment at Adena-Fayette Medical Center, Chaney was released into the custody of the Highland County Sheriff’s Office and subsequently incarcerated in the Highland County Jail. The case will now be reviewed by the Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office to determine the charges Chaney will face in Fayette County.