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Ross County – Violent Altercation Sends One to Columbus by Med Helicopter, One Arrested


In the early hours of May 7th, 2024, law enforcement rushed to respond to reports of a fight in the vicinity of 370 McKellar Street. Upon arrival, officers encountered a scene of chaos and bloodshed.

The victim was found severely injured, bleeding profusely from his head. Recounted being ambushed by two assailants from behind while he was in the rear yard of the residence. Despite his cooperation, he professed ignorance regarding the identities or motives of his attackers.

The severity of his injuries prompted immediate action, with EMS rushing him to Adena Regional Medical Center. However, the extent of his injuries necessitated transfer to Grant Medical Center via Med-Flight for specialized care.

Meanwhile, law enforcement commenced their investigation, scouring the scene for evidence and potential witnesses. A bystander, provided critical information, identifying two individuals leaving the scene whom he recognized, though he refrained from divulging further details.

Through diligent canvassing, The Officer uncovered surveillance footage from a nearby residence, shedding light on the events leading up to the assault. The footage captured the moments preceding the attack but did not capture the assault itself. Nevertheless, it provided valuable clues, including the identification of the taller assailant.

Further interrogation led to the identification of the second assailant, Joseph Leroy Beverly, known as “LJ,” through a recorded interview with one of the suspects. Though initially reticent, eventually disclosed details of the altercation, implicating LJ in the assault.

The investigation expanded with the acquisition of additional surveillance footage from another neighboring property, offering further insights into the movements of the suspects following the altercation.

With enough evidence, the officer arrested Joseph Beverly 48, for felonious assault he is currently in Ross County Jail held on a 25,000 dollar bond.