Home News Large Fight in Circleville Ends with One Charged, So Far

Large Fight in Circleville Ends with One Charged, So Far


A chaotic scene unfolded on the night of May 11th, 2024, when law enforcement responded to reports of a large fight at the 400 Block E. Franklin St. Though two vehicles were reported fleeing the scene, they evaded capture, prompting officers to converge on the site of the altercation at on E. Franklin St.

Upon arrival, officers engaged with victims and witnesses, gathering crucial information and documenting evidence through photographs. Initial interactions painted a chaotic picture of the incident, with individuals recounting a series of events leading up to the confrontation.

In subsequent investigations, police made contact with additional involved parties, eventually identifying Thomas Glover II as a key participant. Glover, along with others, was implicated in an assault that left victims visibly injured.

Detailed witness statements, coupled with collected evidence, paved the way for the filing of charges against Thomas Glover II and possibly his accomplices. The victims, bearing physical marks of the altercation, provided accounts of the events, alleging a targeted attack by Glover and his associates.

Incriminating social media posts further corroborated witness testimonies, shedding light on the severity and intent behind the assault. Efforts to retrieve evidence, including a recovered phone left at the scene, further bolstered the case against the perpetrators.

As charges were formally filed against Glover, law enforcement underscored the gravity of the incident, emphasizing its ongoing investigation into the matter. That possibility others would also be charged.