Home News City of Circleville Initiates Lead Pipe Replacement Program with State Grant

City of Circleville Initiates Lead Pipe Replacement Program with State Grant


CIRCLEVILLE, May 14, 2024 – In a concerted effort to address the pervasive issue of lead pipes in residential areas, the City of Circleville has embarked on a comprehensive initiative that’s aimed to be funded by a state grant. The endeavor aims to eliminate lead pipes from homes, ensuring the safety of drinking water for all residents, but they need your help to acquire the grant.

Despite previous efforts, certain properties in Circleville still possibly harbor lead pipes, particularly those extending from homes (Private pipes). Through a state grant, the city is committed to replacing these pipes at no cost to homeowners. This state program seeks to eradicate the hazards associated with lead exposure in drinking water on a permanent basis.

According to the City of Circleville’s Utilities Operation Manager, the initial phase of this ambitious project will commence on Walnut Street. Residents within the designated project area, spanning Walnut Street between Clinton St. and Washington St., are encouraged to express their support through written correspondence. “Any letters of support we receive will help us score higher and give us a better chance at securing this much-needed Community Block Development Grant,” Brian Frost emphasized.

During the pipe replacements along Walnut Street, the city will also undertake repairs to the curbs and roadway, ensuring minimal disruption to residents and enhancing overall infrastructure.

Residents who wish to contribute letters of support can drop them off at 104 E. Franklin St or directly email the Utilities Department at [email protected]. Their participation is pivotal in fortifying the city’s bid for funding and expediting the crucial lead pipe replacement program.

The City of Circleville remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of its residents, spearheading proactive measures to eliminate lead contamination in its water supply.