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Ross County – Shooting Incident Under Investigation on Carousel Court


June 13, 2024, Chillicothe, OH – The Ross County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting incident on Carousel Court, where a bullet was found lodged in the wall of a residence. A deputy was dispatched to the scene early on June 13th to begin the investigation.

Upon arrival, the Deputy spoke with the resident, who reported hearing a loud bang the previous evening, around 7:30 PM on June 11th. Initially, the witness dismissed the noise, thinking it was caused by her grandchild playing. It wasn’t until around 1:00 AM on June 13th that she noticed a hole in the wall and discovered a bullet embedded in the interior wall near the rear door of her home.

The bullet’s trajectory suggested it had entered the home at a downward angle from the northwest, penetrating the exterior and interior walls, and leading into a juvenile’s bedroom. Both people who lived in the home stated they had no known enemies or disputes with neighbors.

Deputy Dutcher photographed the scene and canvassed the area for shell casings, but none were found. The bullet, appearing to be from a handgun, was collected as evidence.

Later, another Deputy arrived to further investigate. He confirmed the bullet hole on the exterior of the trailer and noted damage to the interior drywall. Despite checking security cameras, no suspicious activity was observed.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Ross County Sheriff’s Office.