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Ross County – High-Speed Chase Follows Theft at Chillicothe Walmart


Chillicothe, OH, June 12, 2024 – A high-speed pursuit ensued on Wensday after a female suspect fled from Walmart’s Loss Prevention Officers following an alleged theft incident. The chase involved multiple law enforcement units and was eventually terminated due to the dangerous driving behavior of the suspect.

An officer reported arriving near Walmart when dispatch informed him of a female suspect escaping from Loss Prevention and driving away at a high rate of speed. The officer observed the suspect’s vehicle, a white Pontiac with black rims, approaching him. The driver, identified as a white female with very short hair and glasses, ran a stop sign at Riverside and Stewart.

Despite officers activating their overhead lights and sirens, the suspect continued southbound on North Bridge Street, reaching speeds of 50 MPH in a connected roadway. As the suspect weaved through traffic at high speeds, the officers decided to terminate the pursuit for safety reasons.

Other marked and unmarked units later observed the suspect driving recklessly westbound on Western Avenue. The initial responding officer returned to Walmart to gather more information from Loss Prevention Officers. They reported that the female suspect had been bagging items, including a ladder, before attempting to leave the store without paying. When confronted, she claimed to have paid for the items but fled to her vehicle and drove away at a high speed.

The officer obtained the vehicle’s registration information, confirming the suspect’s identity. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office also engaged in a pursuit with the suspect but had to terminate it due to the risk involved.

With the evidence collected, warrants for theft and failure to comply will be requested, with arrest imminent. We will update you when she is charged.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Chillicothe Police Department.