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Ross County – Paint Valley ADAMH Board Proposes 24-Hour Crisis Facility on East Main Street


The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Board have put forth a proposal to construct a 24-hour crisis facility on East Main Street. The facility aims to address the pressing need for accessible mental health services in the community, particularly in light of rising deaths of despair such as suicide and overdose.

According to the ADAMH Board, the proposed facility will offer three primary services to individuals in the community who are struggling with behavioral health crises. The initiative is part of an effort to provide greater access to care and support those who are falling through the cracks of existing services.

The three main services to be provided by the facility are as follows:

  1. Mobile Crisis Teams: The facility will serve as a central hub for mobile crisis teams, enabling them to respond rapidly to individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. These teams will have the flexibility to meet individuals in various settings, including homes, workplaces, or schools. By intervening early and stabilizing individuals in the community, the mobile crisis teams aim to reduce unnecessary interactions with law enforcement or emergency room staff.
  2. 23-Hour Observation Unit: This unit will feature eight chairs and provide psychiatric emergency services to individuals in crisis. It will serve as a temporary holding space for individuals who require immediate assessment and treatment. The unit will have a clinical team on hand to conduct evaluations, administer treatment, and facilitate referrals to additional services. By reducing emergency department boarding time and the need for inpatient hospitalization, the 23-hour observation unit aims to alleviate pressure on law enforcement and emergency services.
  3. Crisis Stabilization Unit: The facility will include an eight-bed crisis stabilization unit where individuals can receive intensive support and compassionate care in a structured environment. While voluntary, individuals staying in this unit will have immediate access to the 23-hour observation unit if needed. The unit will provide a safe space for individuals to receive care and support while avoiding loitering on the property.

Additionally, the facility will offer walk-in services for individuals seeking assessment, care, and referrals from behavioral health professionals.

Individuals with questions or concerns about the proposed facility are encouraged to email [email protected] for further information.