Home News Its Offical Pickaway County Sheriff Race is Over

Its Offical Pickaway County Sheriff Race is Over


Pickaway – After over a week of waiting for election results to be certified Board of Elections certified the election on all races.

On March 23 2023, the Pickaway County Board of Election reported that they had found a discrepancy in their unofficial results due to a test USB accidentally be inserted and fake ballots being counted.

According to the board at the meeting, the error was noticed and one of the first calls was to the Ohio Secretary of State reporting the mistake. Regardless the BOE stated that the redundancy of the system allowed them to factually check the election and are able to confirm the numbers. Over the past days, the BOE has counted the mail-in, overvotes, and provisional.

Officially Matthew O. Hafey won reelection 5,535 to Dale Thomas 5,375. On election day Hafey received 4,249 votes, 924 office absentee votes,and 337 Mail Absentee votes, Thomas received 4,117 Election day votes, 894 In office absentee votes,and 320 Mail Absentee