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Ross County OH- Paint Valley School District Initiates COVID-19 Level Red School Plan


Ross County OH- Paint Valley School District released the letter below informing everyone of the current COVID-19 situation and changes being made to address it.

“October 6, 2020
As of today, Paint Valley has 10 staff members and 55 students currently in a 14-day quarantine due to contact tracing by the Ross County Health District. This means the health district traced back that these individuals had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

After consultation with the Ross County Health District in order to mitigate the large number of individuals in
quarantine, we have decided to implement the COVID-19 Status Level Red of our 2020-2021 School Plan beginning Monday, October 12, 2020. By going to a 50%/50% Educational Plan it will help us achieve even more social distancing in the classrooms and on buses. The more we can social distance, the less students will become part of a quarantine if needed. What this means is that grades Kindergarten (KG) through Twelve (12) will attend 50% in person and 50% remote learning.

The following is the breakdown of the plan:
Group ALast Name A – K Attends in person Monday and Tuesday. Remote learning Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Group B Last Name L – Z Attends in person Thursday and Friday. Remote learning Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Students who live in the same household, but have different last names, will attend the same days. The days of attendance will be based on the oldest sibling’s last name. If you have questions, please call the building secretary.

Preschool students will attend in person on their regular four day week schedule (M/T/TH/F), as their numbers are lower and can social distance in the classroom more effectively. This plan will only mitigate large quarantines, not eliminate the need for quarantines. It will lessen the number of students that could potentially be affected by quarantine.
Tim Winland
Tim Winland, Superintendent”