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Ross County – Man Tasered Three Times after Resisting Arrest


Ross County – A man who tried to get away from Ross County deputies was tasered three times after continuing to fight while being arrested.

According to Ross County Sheriff’s Office, on 6/20/23 they were called to Hill Drive in Bainbridge because of two people who were passed out in a minivan. When they arrived and deputies started to interact with the two males the passenger told the officers that he did not have identification and said his name was, “Levi Daniels.” During the investigation, Levi told law enforcement he was leaving to go get a cigarette and left the scene. Shortly afterward the other male asked where “Raven” went, and deputies were clued into the passenger as a man with a warrant and started looking for him.

Deputies found Raven Steele sitting in a back yard of a property and the report says what happened next

“I caught a glimpse of Raven walking through the backyard. As I walked over to where I saw him, he was no longer there. I asked Jacob if he saw Raven in the yard, to which he responded he wasn’t sure, “but you should go check”. As I looked behind the house, Raven was sitting down. I instructed him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Raven stood up and faced me, not complying with my orders. I repeated my commands. Raven turned around briefly, but continued taking small steps away from me, as if planning to flee. I then instructed Raven to get on the ground and unholstered my Taser. Raven partially knelt down, but would not comply with placing his hands behind his back. I delivered a drive stun to Raven to overcome his resistant and safely effect my arrest. Raven then fell. As the drive stun cycle ended, he reached towards my Taser and pushed off of me, causing me to fall to my back and become winded. I then fired one set of probes from my Taser, causing neuro-muscular incapacitation to be achieved. Raven fell as a result. As I got up to continue effecting the arrest, Raven rolled to his back as if he was going to get back up. I then fired the second set of probes from my Taser. I repeated orders to Raven to roll over and put his hands behind his back. Set Champion then arrived and assisted me with placing Raven in handcuffs. Once in handcuffs, Raven commented he didn’t hit me, but “pushed” my arm.”

Raven Steele was charged with Resisting arrest, assault, and obstructing official business. His warrant had charges of Receiving stolen property and breaking and entering. He is currently being held in Ross County Jail