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Ross County Investigates Mass Shooting Swatting Call


Ross County – Investigators were called to the crisis center in Ross County after a person called and threatened a mass shooting.

According to the Ross County Sheriff’s Department a call was fielded by a Crisis center hotline, a male who said he was a 37-year-old “Incel” threatened that because he hadn’t had sex that he was upset and was planning a mass shooting. He told the operator that he was working on obtaining a gun and planning the crime.

When the operator asked where he lived he hung up on her, but that’s not where the investigation ended. Because of the nature of the threat, investigators were able to start tracing the calls back to their origin, that being California. Investigators then contacted Los Angles Police Department where they were given information that they had received several calls regarding the exact same thing from various other state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies across the county.

Information was passed on to the FBI for more investigation into the calls.